Designed down to the essentials

We love to create simple solutions to complicated problems. We just happen to make soap, for now.

We’re a small team of industry outsiders based in Stockholm. We exist to paint a picture of the future where everyday things comes at little to no harm to people and planet.

In 2018 we got started developing the first powder to liquid hand wash in plastic free refills. Cofounded and designed by Form Us With Love.

The most toxic ingredient in your clean beauty routine is your plastic bottle. Make the switch!

Imagine a low waste, low emissions, low toxin skin/body/hair care routine in plastic free paper refills. That’s what we’re creating.

Every refill is a plastic bottle never made and 85% fewer emissions than a new bottle of soap.


We’re a small company producing where we sell. We work with small manufacturers to tailor make every part of our product from the lab in Canada to the glass bottle maker in Portugal. Our close partnerships let us innovate with small means; simple solutions to complicated problems.

We’re future proofing personal care with bottles that are designed to last, packaging designed for circularity, and ingredients that are kinder to our bodies and the earth.


We follow the EU’s Ingredient health and safety guidelines that prohibits the use of over 1300 ingredients. These are the most stringent rules for personal care products in the world. Our ingredients are vegan, cruelty free, sulfate-free, and no to low in toxicity.

We select ingredients based on their benefits and impact on our body and planet. Our recipes are based on simplicity, using fewer than ten essential ingredients to cleanse and nourish the skin. Each ingredient is vetted to be of little to no toxin to our environment when washed down the drain. To drastically cut our environmental impact we use farm leftovers over food stock, and fast growth crops over exotic fruits. The industry likes to cover up its bad farming practices that contribute to deforestation with certificates. We don’t. We’re in the process of verifying the origin of our raw materials. We aim to have a fully traceable supply chain by 2023.