We are doing it again! This time with a new product. It’s been a year in the making of our soon-to-launch body wash.


It’s been a year in the making of our soon-to-launch body wash. Together with design studio, Form Us With Love, we are now ready to extend our waterless personal care collection with the first ever powder-to-gel body wash in plastic free refills.


Made for you and the planet.

  • Essential plant-based ingredients.
  • Zero plastic and 85% fewer emissions per refills.
  • Soothing and cleansing gel lather.
  • Refills delivered to your mailbox on demand.
The features

Invest in a low waste, low emission future.

    Body care is an essential part of our self care routine. It doesn’t have to be a wasteful experience. We worked with our partners to create a waterless body wash made from plant-based powdered soap. All you need to do is add water. Sustainable in its essence.

    Invest in a low waste, low emissions future. Pre order now and help bring us one step closer to finalizing the body wash by early next year.

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    Generating ideas is easy. It’s picking the right one to take from zero to one hundred that’s hard. We like to bounce ideas. See if they stick. Designers, chemists, resource economists, recyclers, retailers, customers, manufacturers have all given us their input. This way we know which ideas are essential, and which we could do without.


    We work closely with Stockholm based design studio, Form Us With Love. The process involved not only the design of the body wash, but also setting a creative vision for our future range of powder to liquid refillables. Stainless steel was selected for the long lasting body wash bottle. The preferred choice for the shower and tub.


    Our lab is just incredible. After tons of iterations the powder to gel body wash works so well. We’re going to have to keep our formula under wraps for now. Some competitors have their eye on it ;) What we can tell you is that it’s 100% natural, sulfate free, and includes vitamin B-3 to sooth while cleansing the skin.


    It’s with your backing we can kick off production. This is the most exciting, but challenging step. It takes everyone to work in perfect harmony, from the farm to the paper mills to the steel formers, the lab, packers, and shippers. The beauty of it all is everyone’s care in delivering to you a seemingly simple soap.

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