Back17 August, 2020

This summer has been very busy as we worked through the production challenges resulting from COVID and are getting ready to ship the many pre-orders made over the last months! Multiple additional iterations have been needed since our prototype was launched last winter to deliver the best quality and value for you. Hang in tight as we approach the final steps. We are very much looking forward to shipping our hand wash and to receive your feedback.

In the meantime, we had the opportunity to introduce Forgo to two very talented creative professionals, Elena and Christoffer, and have them test out the latest version of our foaming hand wash.  Both Elena and Christoffer are into sustainable living and carefully selecting what they buy. We met at their apartment in South of Stockholm, where they tried our different hand wash scents, while having a little chat about personal care, design and sustainability.

What follows are some of their thoughts on sustainability and Forgo hand wash.

Tell us a bit about you and what you do here in Stockholm. 

Elena: Hi! I actually moved to Stockholm 8 years ago to study for my Master’s in interior architecture and furniture design. I am currently working as a window display designer in the fashion industry. It’s been a crazy ride but now I feel immersed in retail design and I’m loving it.

Christoffer: I’ve lived in Stockholm for the last 11 years - I moved here to study graphic design and then stayed to work in coming up with creative concepts for advertising.. 

What do you consider essential in your day-to-day life for living more sustainably?

Elena: It might sound obvious but I try to be conscious on how many things enter our home and how much I can possibly recycle and reuse. I prefer quality over quantity and that’s something I try to apply to everything I consume from furniture to clothing. Second hand has become my addiction, I love tweaking and customizing good finds to my own personal taste, and have fun in the process!

Christoffer: I think that it’s important to think of what you buy; “do I really need it?” And also about the things you already have; “can I give this old thing new life?” When it comes to food I buy local and in season, at least try to, it’s not easily accessible in Stockholm. My one exception is wine. Though I do prefer them from more consciously grown and harvested producers.

How was your experience making and using Forgo hand wash? What were your first impressions?

We really liked the experience of mixing our own soap! We were surprised with the concept, as we didn’t know Forgo before and we thought that the packaging of the three soaps was a brilliant idea. The first time making it feels odd, as we’re not used to making soap at home in a few minutes. We were kind of questioning ourselves the whole time; “are we doing this right?” The glass container is beautiful and lovely to have around the counter. And next time won’t be so strange to refill. The hand wash itself is smooth and foamy. We were a bit surprised by the scents, they are quite subtle. We actually enjoy it, but others might be wanting that punch in the nose you get from other brands. 

Thanks for testing FORGO with us! Can’t wait to get refills.