Back25 June, 2020


Imagine everything we throw away. Trash as an untapped resource. We want to use as much of it as possible. That’s what we do at FORGO. The bin in mind, we transformed citrus and wood scraps into sustainable essences.

Upcycling is not new, but it’s an under utilized method. Most things go to waste. Even though they don’t have to if we all just took a long minute to rethink waste as a resource. We might just be the only hand wash made with a little bit of trash. 

Our team is obsessed with practical reinventions of the wheel. From our packaging to our powder we use as much waste as possible with current production techniques to make our “just-add-water” hand wash. Looking at waste with a critical eye lets you and us reduce the amount of raw materials we consume.

Citrus scent from leftover peels and pulp. 

Citrus fruits, including oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, tangerines, and mandarins, are among the most widely cultivated fruits around the globe. The production is increasing every year due to rising consumer demand. The citrus industry generates huge amounts of waste every year (>40 million tons worldwide), and citrus peel waste alone accounts for almost 50% of wet fruit mass. 

Our citrus scent is blended from some of these leftover peels and pulp. The scent is subtle and natural. No harsh petrol based perfumes are added.

Wood scent from timber yard scraps.

According to the Canadian government’s website, Canada’s forests cover 347 million hectares (ha) of land. That’s 35% of the country’s land and nearly 9% of the world’s total forest area. Canada is the third-most forested country in the world by area. It is also a global leader in sustainable forest management, combining land conservation and timber production. We cannot repeat it enough: sourcing raw materials sustainably is FORGO’s priority.

When harvesting trees, a significant amount of waste is created. It is used to produce heat, power, and biogases. Distilled, wood scraps make great scents.